Open a Corporate Account with Swad Cars Ltd

If you would like to open a corporate/business account for your company or organisation or you simply want to have a brief chat about how we work and operate, then please give any one of our managers a call on 01283 262626 and we can discuss your requirements at your leisure.

We have a separate Accounts Department that is totally dedicated to looking after each and every one of our account customers and any such queries or problems that they may have.

Our company’s reputation with regards to accounts has flourished due to an excellent individual service that we have been providing to our clients – old and new. We offer each and every one of our account customers access to one of our managers 24 hours a day. We always give a priority service to all of our account jobs before any other booking. Our Dispatch system instantly recognises all account bookings and priorities them accordingly.

Benefits of opening an Account with Swad Cars Ltd

  • Priority service even in the busiest periods
  • Faster pick-up times
  • Dedicated Account Management Team
  • 30 day credit facility
  • Easy & transparent journey tracking & expenditure management
  • Staff discounts


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For more enquiries call : 01283 26 26 26